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Endon High

Mission and Values

Our Motto:


Plus est en vous “There is more in you”.


Working together to go beyond our best.


Our Mission:


To inspire confident learners and take them on a journey of opportunities throughout Endon High School so that they can thrive academically, socially, physically and emotionally, within a happy and caring environment.

We expect all members of our school community to value: Curiosity, Determination and Kindness. To be ready, be respectful and be responsible. To believe in our motto ‘Plus est en vous’- that everyone has more in them.

We aspire to equip everyone with the knowledge, understanding, skills and qualities needed to achieve success at the highest level. Empowering every learner to go beyond their best and aim for excellence in everything they do, so that they may all follow a quality pathway after Endon High School and thrive in an ever changing world.


 Our Shared Values:


Curiosity, Determination and Kindness.


Curiosity. At Endon High School, we believe in our motto ‘Plus est en vous’ (there is more in you) and have the highest expectations of ourselves, as well as of our students. The desire to challenge ourselves, learn new things or know and understand something new motivates us to try our best in everything we do. We value enquiring minds, the acquisition of knowledge, innovation, a spirit of exploration and a commitment to getting involved.


Determination. At Endon High School, we work hard, try our best and aim for excellence. We are tenacious and driven to achieve both our academic and personal goals. This determination to be resilient, to keep going when learning (or life) is difficult, and to come back and try again when we struggle, helps us to succeed.


Kindness. At Endon High school we are kind to one another. Everyone should feel they belong. This means that we are considerate and generous every day, caring for one another and doing everything we can to make sure everybody has a good day at school. Kindness reinforces our shared sense of community; it builds trust and respect; and it ensures that we take our social responsibilities seriously.


High Expectations: 

We have very high expectations of our students. We expect them to be:


Ready, Respectful, Responsible.